My name is Renaud - Nice to welcome you to my site!

"Photos for yourself, for those you love"

A portrait or lifestyle session is about offering you a dedicated moment for photos that will belong to you forever !
I propose you an invitation to break the codes, to try different photos as a unique opportunity to experiment, to create together the present moment.
Working with people who see this session, this time spent together, as a unique opportunity to live a personal experience is a real inspiration to me.
I look forward to meeting you & telling your story with my photos.

Why I like portrait photography......
I don't know who's handsome or not. I just know, I am intimately convinced, that photography & especially portrait photography, make it possible to capture & highlight the beauty of each of us.
We all have moments through our facial features, our emotions, our expressions, our attitudes, moments that conceal infinite treasures of beauty. That's what I like to look for & capture with my camera.

Why I like lifestyle photography......
For me, the photographer's studio must free itself from the walls, from the accessories that we usually know about it, you are the one who becomes "the photo studio" through your everyday life, in your environment, in the places you love. A lifestyle session also creates a more relaxed atmosphere than in the studio, simpler and more natural.
Get out of the frame! That's what I love most. It is what allows me to express myself, to have fun, to give free rein to my creativity.
Exploring, discovering together new experiences to tell your story in your everyday life, that's what inspires me !